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Introducing Butter Box

No Internet? No electricity? No problem. You can make the Butter app store available anywhere with Butter Box.

A Butter Box: A Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 plugged into a battery and solar panel.

An app store, encrypted chat, and more, all available over WiFi from an off-the-grid Raspberry Pi.

How does it work?

Butter Box broadcasts its own WiFi network. Once you join, you can install Butter, get apps, join a public chatroom, or make your own private one to share with friends. Butter Box works even when there's no Internet. Just stop by the box to download more apps or check in on your chatrooms. Everything is stored right on the Butter Box.

Get your own Butter Box

We make & ship Butter Boxes to partners around the world. Reach out to us if you serve a community that could benefit.

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Make your own Butter Box

You can make your own Butter Box by installing a pre-made image on a Raspberry Pi. Just download the image and burn it onto a MicroSD card using the same RPi Imager you'd use to install other distros.

Download .iso images from Dropbox

Or, customize your Butter Box following the instructions in our open source repository.

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